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Clothing, Accessories, and Decorations

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Wedding Invitation
Wocket's Gown
Wocket's Bouquet
Wedding Rings
Wedding Cake
Blade's Gown
Flower Arrangements
Attendant gift - cloak pin
Attendant gift - pendant
Dojo - Ceremony
Dojo - Reception
Blade's gift - Origami flowers
Gil's gift - Wizard textbooks
Gynessa's gift - Liveship replica
Monty's gift - Two lifetime free VIP passes for Salon
Gears' gift - Matching his-and-hers datachips
Elysn's gift - Pouch of herbs
Aiden's gift - Repair kit

Wedding Detail


Tuesday, 12/14 at 9pm Eastern



Individual invitations were sent to a small guest list of people Wocket and Jake went on missions with on a reasonably regular basis. In additional, invitations were posted at the Port Anka Dojo and noted in the Society News for the rest of Port Anka's residents.


Character Player
Glim "Wocket" Waywocket Elwood (Bride) Curtis Steinhour
Jake Elwood (Groom) Joe Urbano
Aiden Qualistis (Celebrant) Jae Walker
Blade (Maid of Honor) Maryrita Steinhour
Gil Haeron (Best Man) Mike Mistele
Gynessa Linda Baldwin
Elysn Holimion David Samuels
Monty McGuiver Keith Knecht
Lucian "Lucky" Speedwell Cynthia Wood
"Gears" Garvin Andrew Hauptman
Brolak Dan Cooper
(Observer) Kari Fisher


The ceremony was held in the martial arts training area of the dojo (the room with the glass wall and the mirrored wall). The celebrant and best man wait on a dais at the right hand end (as you face the mirrored wall) of the room, backs to the short wall at that end. The guests are seated on benches facing the tableau at the front of the room, with an aisle down the center for the wedding party. Pots of hydrangea decorate the dais. The natural world is represented by fauna as well as flora, as representatives from the animal kingdom - Bear (Mr. Bear), Cat, Cougar, Dove, Eagle, Frog, Hare, Monkey, Owl and Python - sit in a row at the front of the room.

Jake, the groom, enters, followed not long after by the maid of honor, Blade, then the bride, Wocket. The ceremony itself was not a long one. It began with the celebrant, Aiden, giving an introduction to the ceremony, then allowing Elysn the druid to offer the blessings of the natural world, after which the animals were escorted out. Aiden then spoke love, and marriage, and led the Wocket and Jake in their exchange of vows and rings. The wedded couple led the rest of the wedding party back down the aisle and into the next room (the weapons practice room), where the reception was held.


The reception consisted of dancing, hors d'oevures, and toasts followed by a buffet supper, served by a halfling family in Port Anka who run a buffet restaurant and catering service.Music for dancing was provided by a local group of bards. Partway through the dancing, Wocket will tossed her bouquet which was neatly caught by Elysn, and Jake tossed Wocket's garter (after several tries!) to be caught by Gears. After more toasts, dancing, and the opening of gifts, the happy couple left for their honeymoon.

Wedding Log

The AIM log of the wedding ceremony and reception.


Clothing, Accessories, and Decorations

The color scheme for the wedding was blue and Victorian lilac, echoing the colors of Wocket's bouquet. Blade's dress picked up those colors. Flowers in the same colors decorated the tables of the reception, as well as the area around the wedding party during the ceremony. The wedding cake was decorated in flowers just a couple of shades darker than the real flowers in the bouquet.

The ring Wocket and Jake chose is a modern look reflecting their shared professions and interests.

Wocket's Gown


Wocket's Bouquet

Wedding Rings

Wedding Cake

Yellow and chocolate layers of cake with strawberry filling and buttercream icing.

Blade's Gown

Flower Arrangements

Centerpiece for Wedding Party Table

This centerpiece appeared both on the wedding party's table, and the center of the buffet.

Vases for Tables

These vases decorate the guests' tables at the reception, and were secondary decorations for the buffet table.

Plants for ceremony and additional decoration

These plants decorated the dais for the ceremony as well as being scattered around the reception room.


Attendant's Gifts - Cloak Pin and Pendant

Azurite-malachite and sunstone are set in sterling silver to make these unique gifts. All of the pieces have the name of the recipient engraved on the back. In addition, Aiden's has the symbol of the Father, Gil's a spellbook, and Blade's a shuriken.


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