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Torgarian ("you can call me "Torg"") is a human male standing about 6'6" tall and weighing about 265#. He has brown hair and hazel eyes, and is in his late teens or early twenties, with an engaging grin. 

He is most often seen by the adventuring community in spotlessly clean full plate mail and wielding a greatsword or warhammer. An obsidian war eagle pendant hangs outside the armor, and an iridescent spindle-shaped ioun stone circles his head. 

Background and Personality

Torg is a man whose physical prowess - strength, agility, and endurance - is evident. However, the gods that blessed him with such graced him with slightly less than average intelligence and wisdom. Torg, therefore, is an excellent man to have at your back, butnot one to turn to for strategy and tactics. 

All that aside, however, Torg is both kind and patient, and very good with children. He also has a soft spot in his heart for the "little people" - almost everyone smaller than he - but particularly halflings. He grew up in an area with a large halfling population, and learned about them and their ways, even to worshipping the halfling goddess Sheela Peryroyl. 

Torg started his path to an adventuring career when he broke the plow (not knowing his own strength) and his father made him go to the blacksmith and learn to fix it. There he found a sword, and started practicing with it, becoming quite good even without formal instruction. One day, his friend Sacore, a halfling rogue and adventurer, suggested that Torg go to Ravens Bluff and join the Watch and protect the little people of the city. Torg left, and became an adventurer in Ravens Bluff. 

Torg likes drinking and eating competitions with halflings. 


Torg's father is a farmer, with a farm outside of Ravens Bluff. 


Male Human Fighter 15
6'6", 265#, brown hair, hazel eyes, 25 years old (DoB xx/xx/13xx (1995))
Alignment: NG
Home Region: The Vast
Deity: Sheela Peryroyl
Strength 18  +4 22 +6
Dexterity 16 +3    
Constitution 18  +4    
Intelligence  8 -1    
Wisdom  9 -1    
Charisma 8 -1    

Initiative: +7 (+4 Dex, Improved Initiative)
Armor Class: 22 (+1 Dex, +8 Full Plate armor +1 (Invulnerability), +2 Ring of Protection )
26 with +2 Shield, Energy Protection
17 with +2 Bracers of Armor only
Speed: 20 ft.
hp: 171
Attack: BAB +15/+10/+5
+27/+22/+17 melee (+4 Greatsword 2d6+13 [17-20/x2 (15-20/x2 3/day if invoke scabbard)])
+25/+20/+15 melee (+2 Warhammer 1d8+11 [19-20/x3])
+24/+19/+14 melee (+1 Warhammer, Icy Burst 1d8+10 +1d6 (or +2d10 if crit) [19-20/x3])

+18/+13/+8 ranged 

Special Qualities:  Bonus Feats
Saves: Fort +16, Ref +13, Will +9
Size: Medium

Armor Proficiency (light, medium, heavy), Blind-fight, Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Great Cleave, Improved Critical (Greatsword, Warhammer), Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Power Attack, Prone Attack*, Shield Proficiency, Weapon Focus (Greatsword, Warhammer), Weapon Proficiency (Simple, Martial), Weapon Specialization (Greatsword, Warhammer) .

*Prone Attack (Sword and Fist, p. 8) [General]: You attack from a prone position without penalty.
     Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +2, Dex 15+, Lightning Reflexes.
     Benefit: You can make an attack from the prone position and suffer no penalty to your attack roll. If your attack roll is successful, you may regain your feet immediately as a free action.

Skill Total Ranks Ability Mod Modifiers 
Climb +1 0 +6 - Str -5 armor check penalty, included
Craft -1 0 -1 - Int  
Handle Animal +9 10 -1 - Cha  
Hide -2 0 +3 - Dex -5 armor check penalty, included
Jump +1 0 +6 - Str -5 armor check penalty, included
Listen -1 0 -1 - Wis  
Move Silently -2 0 +3 - Dex -5 armor check penalty, included
Ride +18 18 +3 - Dex -5 armor check penalty, included
+2 circumstance (Military saddle), included
Search -1 0 -1 - Int  
Spot -1 0 -1 - Wis  
Swim +16 10 +6 - Str -5 armor check penalty, *not* included

  • Heavy War Horse 
    • Military saddle
    • Bit and bridle
    • Saddlebags
Honors and Organizations  
  •  n/a
Magic Items Magic Items Traded, Given Away, or Used
  • Amulet of Perpetual Youth (Beautification Day)
  • Arcane Scroll of Clairaudience/Clairvoyance (The First Link)
  • Belt of Cleanliness (Elementally Speaking: Air's ...)
  • Belt of Giant Strength +4 (HL Conversion)
  • Blessing of Tymora (Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen)
  • Boots of the Winterlands 
  • +2 Bracers of Armor (Sea Dog Stories)
  • +3 Cloak of Resistance (HL Conversion)
  • Dream of the Travelers (EL 14) (Silent Night: Secrets of the Past)
  • Favor of Karren Mystamere / Enmity of Blaze Mythalanir (The First Link)
  • +4 Greatsword (Enhancement: Cowboy Diplomacy)
  • +2 Half-Plate Armor (Seeds of Discontent, changed to half-plate in 3E conversion)
  • Iridescent Spindle Ioun Stone (Braving the Elements)
  • Lucky Copper (3E Conversion)
  • Melinda's Blessing (Witch of the Mist)
  • Obsidian War Eagle Pendant (Witch of the Mist)
  • Potion - Cure Serious Wounds (Sea Dog Stories)
  • Potion - Cure Serious Wounds x5 (HL Conversion)
  • Potion - Invisibility (HL Conversion)
  • Potion - Spider Climb (HL Conversion)
  • Potion - Swim (HL Conversion)
  • Potion - Water Breathing (HL Conversion)
  • Ring of Climbing (HL Conversion)
  • +2 Ring of Protection (HL Conversion)
  • Scabbard of Keen Edges (The Hive)
  • +2 Shield (large) of Energy Protection (Mirror, Mirror)
  • Time Power Double Time (Legends)
  • +2/+2 Two-Bladed Sword (Art Imitates Life)
  • +1 Warhammer, Icy Burst (HL Conversion)
  • +2 Warhammer (Something Fishy Round 1)
  • +2 Bracers of Armor (Dragon's Law) - Darcy Dunlaoghaire
Mundane Items
  • Backpack
  • Bedroll
  • Blanket, winter
  • Candles, 4
  • Cold weather outfit
  • Explorer's outfit
  • Rations, 5
  • Rope, silk, 50'
  • Sack, 2
  • Shovel
  • Traveler's outfit
  • Tymora's Clothing: Your Tymora-given garment consists of dark violet tights and matching violet slippers with silver buckles in the shape of roses. Looking closely, you see that tiny amethysts dot some of the metal blooms. Your tunic is well-tailored and made of a heavy purple brocade that is shot through with gold and silver threads. It has tight-fitting sleeves that balloon into puffs around the shoulders. And it is belted by a pale violet velvet sash that matches the thigh-length cape. The metal buckles are fine pieces of jewelry, each worth 1,050 gp for a total of  2,100gp. (Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen)
  • Waterskin

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I, Torg, do wish to be resurrected if at all possible. Please use my cash first, and then my magic items as necessary, in the following order. Please use the following ONLY IF ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY: In case of my permanent death or unrecoverable body, I will the following items to the designated people: By my hand and sign,

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A summary of Torg's adventures.

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 Fellow Adventurers

Some of Torg's fellow adventurers.

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