Kathie Lee Balo Sanders

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Kathie Lee Balo with Smokey.

Kat's rifle.


Kathie Lee is a 21-year-old woman from Dallas,Texas, about 5'6" tall and weighing 155#, with brown hair and blue eyes. Her Texas accent and attitude are obvious, as is the fact that she's one of the rare cowgirls. 

Kathie Lee prefers to dress as she does on the ranch - in trousers and a long-sleeved shirt, but is with difficulty persuaded to accept the social mores and don a dress when in Society. 

Background and Personality

Kathie Lee is usually bubbly, effervescent, and outspoken, with little patience or regard for the rules of Polite Society. A little rough-hewn. she sometimes must be reminded that the streets of large cities are not the places to carry weapons openly. However, she has a good heart, and her teasing, if a little disconcerting to some, is kindly meant.


Kathie Lee's father owns the xxxx Ranch near Dallas, Texas, and indulged his only daughter's wish to spend her time riding the range rather than learning to mind the house. She soon found her father's ranch to be confining, and hired on with another family, with a tacit understanding between Kathie's father and the other rancher, a Mr. Sanders. After several years, she fell in love with the rancher's son, and they were married. 


Female Human Cowboy 5
5'6", 155#, dark brown hair, blue eyes, 21 years old (DoB xx/xx/18xx (2001))
Alignment: NG
Nationality: United States
Residence: Dallas, Texas
Strength 13  +1
Dexterity 17 +3
Constitution 10  0
Intelligence 10  0
Wisdom  11 0
Charisma 12 +1

Initiative: +3 (Dex)
Armor Class: 13 (+3 Dex)
Speed: 30 ft.
hp: 41
Attack: BAB +5
+9 ranged (Army Pistol, 2d6+3, Range 20 ft, Rnd 6, ROF 6, Conceal DC 15)
+8 ranged (Repeating Rifle, 3d6, Range 120 ft, Rnd 15, ROF 5, Conceal DC 5)
+9 ranged (Lasso, dmg nil, Ranged Touch attack against your target, maximum range 25 ft (no range penalty). If you hit the target has the rope around her (-4 to attack rolls and effective Dexterity). An opposed Strength check is required to control the creature in the lasso. Spellcasting while entangled by the lasso requires a Concentration check and if somatic components are required, there is a -2 modifier to the spell casting. (Lasso rules from Claire Hoffman, 3e_livingdeath Yahoo! group #35, 07/11/2000.))
+6 melee (Bowie knife, 1d4+1)
Special Qualities:  Bonus feat at 1st level: Toughness
Bonus feat at 2nd level: Weapon Focus (Lasso)
Bonus feat at 4th level: Skill Focus (Weather Sense)
-2 penalty to Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise, Etiquette, Gather Information skill checks when dealing with city folk (people in metropolitan / civilized areas)
Saves: Fort +4, Ref +4, Will +1
Fear +1, Horror +4, Madness +1
Size: Medium

Point Blank Shot, Skill Focus (Weather Sense), Toughness, Weapon Focus (Army Pistol, Lasso), Weapon Proficiencies (all rifles, all pistols, dagger, Bowie knife, lasso, bolo and one of (hand axe, machete), (sap, brass knuckles), or (short bow, long bow).

Skill Total Ranks Ability Mod Modifiers 
Animal Husbandry +5 5 +0 - Wis  
Equestrian +11 8 +3 - Dex  
Hide +7 4 +3 - Dex  
Language, Modern (Mexican) +1 1 +0 - Int  
Language, Modern (Russian) +1 1 +0 - Int  
Language, Modern (Zulu) +2 2 +0 - Int  
Musician (Mouth Harp) +3 2 +1 - Cha  
Open Lock +4 1 +3 - Dex  
Rope Use +10 7 +3 - Dex  
Set Snare +1 1 +0 - Int  
Spot +3 3 +0 - Wis  
Survival (Desert) +7 7 +0 - Int  
Weather Sense +10 8 +0 - Int +2 unnamed bonus (Skill Focus), included

  • Smokey
Contacts and Notices  
  • Hero Point [Fallen Angel]
  • Hero Point [Medicine Doll]
  • Favorable Notice of the Inner Circle [Broken]
  • Favorable Notice of the Inner Circle [Distant Thunder]
  • Favorable Notice of the Inner Circle [Fallen Angel]
  • Favorable Notice of the Inner Circle [Flowers in the Sand]
  • Favorable Notice of the Inner Circle {Restoration]
  • Favorable Notice of the Inner Circle [Urgent Affair]
  • Favorable Notice of the Inner Circle [The Weighing of the Heart]
  • Favorable Notice of the Inner Circle [White Lightning]
  • Contact: Chantel Renard Montgomery Halston Marchand [Flowers in the Sand]
  • Contact: Animosity from John Peralta (were-coyote) [Medicine Doll]
  • Contact: Mrs. Louise Carnegie [Carnegie's Music Hall]
  • Contact: Hamid ibn Abdullah [The Weighing of the Heart]
  • Contact: McDaniel Whiteside [Restoration]  
  • Contact: Theodore Roosevelt [Upon a Cross of Gold]
  • Contact: William Jennings Bryan [Upon a Cross of Gold]
  • Favorable Attention: McDaniel Whiteside [The End]
  • Recognition: Mike Bartel [The End]
  • Recognition: Sebastian Shaw [The End]
Special Items  
  • Gift of antique art object or jewelry worth $250 [Flowers in the Sand]
  • Hopi Totem / Medicine Bag [Medicine Doll]
  • Piece of original artwork from Leonardo DaVinci [Restoration]
  • Silver Cross [Urgent Affair]
  • Train pass - free pass on the Great Northern Railroad [Urgent Affair]
  • Use of Chantel's homes in Paris, London, or Egypt [Flowers in the Sand]
  • Zulu tribe tattoo (snake on top of right breast) [White Lightning]
Mundane Items
  • Army Pistol
  • Army Pistol ammunition
  • Belt, plain leather
  • Boots, Riding
  • Bowie knife
  • Bullets, copper army, 25
  • Bullets, silver army, 74
  • Bullets, silver, rifle, 15
  • Combined cartridge and money belt
  • Dresses (3)
  • Harmonica
  • Hat, 10 gallon
  • Holster
  • Marbles (50)
  • Matches, 3x25
  • Music box
  • Pants (2)
  • Pinstripe suit ($50)
  • Rifle, Repeating
  • Rifle, Repeating, ammunition
  • Rope
  • Saddle, plain, western
  • Scissors, pair
  • Sewing kit
  • Shirt (3)
  • Soap, 3 bars
  • Watch chain
  • Watch fob
  • Watch, pocket 


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