Kathie Lee Balo Sanders

Kathie Lee Balo Sanders' Fellow Adventurers

Traveling Companion Sex, Nationality Class Notes Channeler
Billy Reyes  M, American (Texan, now in New Mexico) Cowboy  Developed a sudden strange dislike of Rosalie, after they had been getting along well  Linda Baldwin 
Casey Jones  M, American  Athlete (baseball player)    David Samuels 
Connors MgMurtry M, American  Tradesman / Pugilist    Ruth Pinsky 
Duke Westbranch M, American (NYC)  Criminal    Keith Knecht 
Elizabeth Holmes F, American (South?)    Interesting cane and necklace  Linda Baldwin 
Miss Evangeline Pennyworth F, British (London) Archaeologist Miss Pennyworth and Rosalie definately bonded Jae Walker
Jeanette Duval  F, French  Maid (Servant)  Rosalie's lady's maid  Art Lobdell 
Jessica Tandy F, American Detective   David Samuels 
Pearl Hoffman F, American (Chicago) Detective  Very proper young lady, religious, looks older than her years Linda Baldwin 
Phillip Templeton Stevens III M, British Dilettante    Jason Wu
Professor Thomas D. Robertson M, British (London, Paris, Chicago)  Scientist    Michael Mistele 
Mr. Reginald Thornapple-Banewort, RCP M, British Physician  RCP = Royal College of Physicians  Ed Balyka
Rosalie J. Cameron F, American (San Francisco)  Tradesman/Adept   Maryrita Steinhour
Simon Richelieu  M, French      Gary Labrecque 
Sir Mortimer, MD M, British Physician   Linda Baldwin
Sister Maria  F, ?      Art Lobdell 
Stephanie "Stevie" Wales F, Australian Explorer / Scout   Kytte Burke
Tendarea McAdams  F, Scottish Professional: Physician   Dana Busenbark 
Winston Edwards M, American Cavalry Officer Major  Jon Machinz 

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