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The Cross Town Bar takes up the first floor of a fairly large two-story building in a decent section in the city of Gadrin, on  the planet Cularin. The front is neat and tidy, and not excessively ornamented, with a bay window in the front room. A huge wrap-around porch encircles the left side and rear of the building, and looks out over an expanse of grass and trees.

There is plenty of landspeeder and speeder bike parking in the front.

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The Cross Town Bar consists of an entryway, three public rooms, a room for private parties, and the kitchen. Upstairs are living quarters for Gorwookik, and her staff, as well as rooms for her adopted children and personal guests.

Guests entering the front door first notice the paneled walls, of Tarasin-approved and gathered wood. Two signs are posted on the entryway wall, visible to all who enter, and scribed in a number of languages.


Checking your weapons is NOT required, given the current state of unrest in the Cularin system.

However, the staff and management request that you not practice your weaponswork on legitimate patrons of this bar.

Appropriate action will be taken to deal with those violating this request.


The taking of pictures and the use of recording devices is PROHIBITED without prior permission from the owner.

Anyone violating this rule will be asked to check their equipment with the bartender, or leave the establishment.


To the right is the front room of the bar, with a large bay window, booths along the walls, and tables scattered throughout the room. The feel of the Cularin jungle has been carried indoors by the use of large potted plants from the jungle.

Straight ahead is the main room, with a long bar dominating it, small tables scattered around, more plants, and access to the wrap-around porch, the kitchen, and the private party room. The wall shared with the private party room, on the left, boasts a double-sided fireplace for those cool and damp evenings. To the right is the doorway to the smallest of the three public rooms, again with booths against the walls, small tables, and plants.

The walls of this bar are plain, except for two types of items. Behind the bar are momentos from Gorwookik's adventures - a surfboard, a framed picture with smiling stick figures, and another framed and autographed picture of the band "Kessel Run". The other walls of the bar are graced with memorials to Cularin's fallen heroes, some formal, some less so. The first among the formal memorials on the Heroes' Wall is the memorial to Wookchacca, the Wookiee Noble, and would-be Senator for Cularin. Wookchacca's memorial is in a place of honor, centered on the wall across from the bar. Other entries have been added over time, but perhaps the most striking is that to Bon Kinnington, placed so that his boyish face and ready lightsaber watch protectively over the patrons of the bar.

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For a long time, Gorwookik ran the bar with only part-time help. As its popularity grew, especially after being introduced to some of Cularin's heroes at the wake for the Wookiee noble Wookchacca, held at the bar, Gorwookik found the need for extra staff.


Regulars at the bar are pleased to find that a well-liked Xexto, Merdeon Baleengo, has recently been hired as a full-time assistant bartender. Xexto had worked at the bar part-time, and Gorwookik trusted him to take over when she went on missions for Cularin. So, it was a natural thing for her to hire him as a full-time employee. Xexto's facility with drinks is only outmatched by his talent for languages and facility with words, and he is a particular asset in translating for Gorwookik when she encounters the infrequent patron who doesn't understand Shyriiwook.

Merdeon Baleengo, in his favorite picture of himself.


The newest additions to the staff is the pair of Twi'lek waitresses: Komad Tlyn, a purple Twi'lek, and Seel Filoan, a yellow Twi'lek. They came to Cularin from Ryl after hearing about the adventures and heroes here, and had been waiting on tables and entertaining in various bars around Gadrin and Hadret before coming to the Cross Town Bar.

Komad Tlyn and Seel Filoan

Kitchen Staff

The kitchen staff is varied and rarely seen by the patrons, but the food is excellent and plentiful.

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Gorwookik's menu originally consisted of a wide variety of beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and a basic selection of food. By customer request, the food menu has been expanded to include both a wider choice of items, and more exotic items.


A french-fry-like food often served as a side with nerfburgers.


Thermal Detonator
Three drops of Gorwookik's Special Hot Sauce layered under a shot of whiskey.

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