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Eltairin Taleddon.


Eltarin Taleddon is a moon elf formerly from Archendale, one of the Archenriders charged with keeping the Dale secure. He stands about 5'6" - a little tall for an elf - with dark hair and deep green eyes. The most prominent feature about him is his longbow - it is of excellent quality and both well-used and well-cared-for. A rapier hangs at his hip, though a skilled observer would note that it is not nearly as well-used as the bow. 

Background and Personality

As a young cleric of Solonor, and archer-in-training of the Archenriders, Eltairin was part of a small group of 'riders and trainees sent as an escort for one of the high priests of Solonor to the fabled city of Silverymoon . There, while the priest conducted his business, the 'riders and trainees were free to explore the city when not training with the SIlverymoon militia. A few of the youngsters started to frequent Helmer's Wall , a tavern housed in an old city gatehouse and frequented by students of all of the Silverymoon Colleges. Students often provided the entertainment there, and it was that which first drew Eltairin's attention to a young elven harpist. She was very young, and very beautiful, with a grace he had only seen in the best of the archers. Even more entrancing, she sometimes augmented her music with magic - causing silver glitter to fill the air on the glissando of her harpstrings, or herself and her harp to glow golden in the candlelight.

Eltairin was utterly fascinated, and sought ways to meet her .... until, to his great fortune, a nearby table asked her to perform for them. He edged himself into a position to watch, and was thus able to speak with her as she moved away, the songs done. She accepted his offer of cider and talk, but smilingly refused to give her name, saying only that she was known as "a seeker of shadows".  After that first meeting, Eltairin saw her often, but only in the tavern. She spoke little of herself, though he did manage to learn that she was a student at the Lady's College , and that she perhaps worked with the Silverymoon Militia as well.

His attraction to her grew, and as it did, so did his boldness. Being young himself, he never noticed that she didn't seem to be returning his interest - he just noticed that the more he tried to get closer, the more she seemed to slip away. Of course, this just made her all the more interesting to him. Finally, one evening at the tavern, he managed to catch her alone in a shadowed corner as she tuned her harp for a performance. She became more and more upset, as he told her how much he was attracted to her, and finally tried to take her in his arms and kiss her. Clinging to her harp, and using it as a shield, she managed to slip by him, and bolted for the performer's area in the back of the tavern. He never saw her again.

The high priest completed his business a few days later, and the 'riders and trainees escorted him home. Eltairin went back to his clerical and archery training, soon making full cleric, and eventually leaving the priesthood to become a full-time archer in the Archenriders. Years later, he looked back on the incident at Helmer's Wall, and realized that he had done nothing truly wrong, other than to be far too eager with the young elf, and to frighten her very badly.

The years passed, and Eltarin became a respected member of the Archenriders. His skill with the rapier never grew beyond that of most of his peers, but his archery was exceptional. He learned to ride well, and often went on far-flung missions for the 'riders. Thus, it was no surprise when he and several others were asked to take temporary leave from the 'riders, and to go on some special missions. Eltairin found that he enjoyed working with small groups, and that there was a freedom that he missed when those missions were done and he had to return to the more regimented life of the 'riders.

After much soul-searching, he requested an indefinate leave from the Archenriders, and struck out on his own. His companions - and perhaps something else? - led him eventually to the Silver Marches, where he joined the Militia for a while. Now, in 1373 DR, his stint with the Milita is up, and again he finds himself longing for the freedom of traveling with a small set of companions. Eltairin went to one of his old commanders, Lt. Winston Sinclair, for advice, and Lt. Sinclair said that he'd recommend Eltairin to adventuring group to which his fiancee's sister belongs.


PC Family 


Character sheet pdf

Male Moon Elf, Cleric 1 (Solonor) / Fighter 6 / Order of the Bow Initiate 3
5'6", 120#, dark hair, deep green eyes, 148 years old (DoB Flamerule 4, 1226 DR (2002))
Alignment: CG
Home Region: Dalelands (Archendale), now Silverymoon
Deity: Solonor

Strength 14 +2    
Dexterity 20 +5  22  +6
Constitution 12  +1    
Intelligence 13 +1    
Wisdom  11 0    
Charisma 10  0    

Initiative: +8 (Dex, Blooded)
Armor Class: 24 (+6 (Dex), +4 (+2 Leather Armor), +2 (+1 Darkwood Buckler), +2 misc (+2 Ring of Protection)) / 18 FF / 18 Touch
Speed: 30 ft.
hp: 73
Attack: BAB +8/+3
+16/+11 +1 Mighty Composite Longbow +2 1d8+5 x3 Range: 110' Atk: Dex (+6), Magic (+1), Weapon Focus (+1)
Dmg: Str (+2), Magic (+1), Weapon Specialization (+2)
+17/+12 +1 Mighty Composite Longbow +2
(within 30')
x3 Range: 110' Atk: Dex (+6), Magic (+1), Weapon Focus (+1), PBS (+1)
Dmg: Str (+2), Magic (+1), Weapon Specialization (+2), PBS (+1)
(+1d8 if Ranged Precise Attack used)
+14/+9/+14 +1 Mighty Composite Longbow +2
(using Rapid Shot)
1d8+5 x3 Range: 110' Atk: Dex (+6), Magic (+1), Weapon Focus (+1)
Dmg: Str (+2), Magic (+1), Weapon Specialization (+2)
+15/+10/+15 +1 Mighty Composite Longbow +2
(using Rapid Shot and within 30')
1d8+6 x3 Range: 110' Atk: Dex (+6), Magic (+1), Weapon Focus (+1), PBS (+1)
Dmg: Str (+2), Magic (+1), Weapon Specialization (+2), PBS (+1)
+15/+10 +1 Rapier 1d6+3 15-20/x2 -- Atk: Dex (+6), Magic (+1)
Dmg: Str (+2)
+11/+6 +1 Longsword 1d8+3 19-20/x2 -- Atk: Str (+2), Magic (+1)
Dmg: Str (+2), Magic (+1)
Special Qualities:  Class abilities
Spontaneous casting  
Turn Undead  
Ranged Precision Attack +1d8 As a standard action, an initiate may make a single precision ranged attack with a ranged weapon, dealing an extra 1d8 points of damage if the attack hits. The initiate must be within 30' of the target, and only works against living creatures with discernable anatomy. Any creature immune to critical hits is not vulnerable to this attack.  The initiate's target does NOT have to be flat-footed or denied his dexterity bonus, but if it is, this damage stacks with sneak attack damage. Treat the Ranged Precision Attack as a Sneak Attack in all other ways.
Close Combat Shot Initiate can attack with a ranged weapon in a threatened square and not provoke an AoO.  

Racial traits:
+2 Dex, -2 Con
Immune to magic sleep
+2 saving throw bonus vs. enchantment
Low-light vision
+2 racial bonus on Listen, Search, and Spot
Proficient with rapier, shortbow, longbow, composite shortbow, composite longbow
Favored class: wizard

Clerical domains:
Elf - Point Blank Shot
       Spell: True Strike
War - Weapon focus (Longbow)
       Spell: Magic Weapon

Saves: Fort +9, Ref +12, Will +8
(includes +1 bonus from Luck of Heroes)
Size: Medium

Armor Proficiency (light, medium, heavy), Blooded, Far Shot, Improved Critical (Rapier), Luck of Heroes, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Shield Proficiency (including Tower shields), Weapon Finesse (Rapier), Weapon Focus (Longbow, composite), Weapon Proficiency (Simple, Martial), Weapon Specialization (Longbow, composite).

Ability Mod Modifiers 
Class Skill
Handle Animal
+0 - Wis   
+0 - Cha
Knowledge (Religion)
+1 - Int  
+0 - Wis +2 racial
+6 - Dex  +2 equipment, Military Saddle
+2 synergy, Handle Animal
+1 - Int +2 racial
+1 - Int  
+0 - Wis +2 racial
+2 (Blooded)
+5 competence (Eyes of the Eagle)

Spell list (standard):
0th-level spells (3/day, DC 10): detect magic, guidance, resistance
1st-level spells (1+1/day, DC 11): command, true strike (domain)

  • Light riding horse (Champion) 
    • Military saddle
    • Bit and bridle
    • Saddlebags
Honors and Organizations Favors
  •  Archenrider of Archendale
  • Favor of Dain Rumblegut [Akara's People]
  • Favor of Iriandell [Iriandell]


  • Favor of Helm [Kidnapped!, used]
Magic Items Magic Items Traded, Given Away, or Used
  • Bead of Force [Tears of Evergold]
  • +1 Buckler, Darkwood [Original darkwood buckle purchased in SIlverymoon by Thistle, and traded to Eltairin; Eltairin paid to have it enchanted to +1 after Race Against Time]
  • Continual Flame Stone [Created by Dominique]
  • +2 Gloves of Dexterity  [Purchased in Silverymoon]
  • Keoghtom's Ointment x5 [Tears of Evergold]
  • +2 Leather Armor  [Spring Faire]
  • +1 Mighty Composite Longbow +2 [Starting item, enchanted later]
  • Potion - Cure Light Wounds [Tears of Evergold]
  • Potion - Cure Light Wounds x2 [Kidnapped!]
  • Potion - Cure Moderate Wounds [Spring Faire]
  • Potion - Heroism [Storm Mountain]
  • +1 Rapier x2  [Spring Faire]
  • +2 Ring of Protection  [Purloined Vellum]
  • Ring of Sustenance [Purchased in Silverymoon]
  • Scroll - Magic Weapon [Received in trade in Quaervarr]
  • Scroll - Summon Monster I [Purloined Vellum]
  • Slippers of Spider Climb [Obelisk of the Winds]
  • Wand of Detect Magic [Ash Temple]
  • +1 Arrows [Purchased in Silverymoon, sold]
  • MW Arrows [Starting item, sold]
  • +1 Chain Shirt [Starting item, sold]
  • +1 Longsword [Tears of Evergold, sold]
  • Potion - Cure Light Wounds x4 [Kidnapped!, used]
  • Potion - Cure Moderate Wounds [Purchased in Quaervarr, used]
  • Potion - Lesser Restoration [Iriandell, used]
  • MW Rapier [Starting item, sold]
  • Scroll - Cure Light Wounds x2 [Purchased in Quaervarr, used]
Mundane Items
  • Arrows (normal, silver)
  • Backpack
  • Belt pouch
  • Cleric Vestments
  • Elven wine, bottle
  • Explorer's Outfit
  • Holy symbol, silver
  • Potion belt, MW
  • Pouch, belt
  • Rapier, MW
  • Rope, silk, 50'
  • Spell component pouch
  • Waterskin
  • Winter gear

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